United Arab Emirates is one of the main markets on which EXTREXPORT is currently operating since 2009. We count with a deep expertise on the needs and requirements in the Gulf region, in UAE and other GCC markets.

Since 2013 EXTREXPORT directly supplies its products to final consumers at SOUKOLE, its sales point in DUBAI GLOBAL VILLAGE, Spanish Pavillion (for more information please visit www.spainatglobalvillage.com).

Imports of Spanish food in the UAE expanded by an impressive 47% year-on-year. Spain takes the lead in terms of imports of canned vegetables, in particular tomato sauce and olives, and it is undeniable that Spanish institutions like tapas and the Mediterranean diet are constantly expanding their foothold. This is attributable to changing habits in the UAE and to the growing expat community living there. Extrexport also has its sights on expanding the range of Spanish food products available in the UAE, as well as growing its local client network.

Please contact us if you need assistance from our local staff in UAE