Extrexport brings to the whole world only the finest and “off the beaten path” gourmet food produced in Extremadura Region, in the South of Spain. Extremadura is a real hidden gem, where people still enjoy the most authentic Mediterranean way of living, second by second. The cuisine is a key element in this relaxed atmosphere, and traditions transmitted generation after generation have brought real culinary treasures to our days.

Extremadura has always attracted the interest of foreign travelers, from the ancient Roman chroniclers to the Romantic English writers in the 19th Century. The Spanish Emperor Charles of Habsburg chose Extremadura as its retirement. All of them have admired the traditional food, the wise result of melting all the different cultures that have populated the region since immemorial times.

This treasure of living nature makes possible a unique richness of natural products, thanks to its bucolic countryside, which preserves a fruitful agriculture and ranching, from the green valleys in the North to the pastures in the South. Extremadura enjoys some unique breeds, providing unbeatable meats and cheeses that Extrexport selects for the most demanding tables in the world.

Extrexport, besides offering you the most unique delicatessens from Extremadura, welcomes you to this amazing land, where hospitality warms every single visitor.

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