Extrexport logoEXTREXPORT is an export company specialized in bringing you the best quality premium fine foods from Spain, more precisely from Extremadura Region, the hidden gem in the Spanish culinary scene, blessed by the best raw materials from its pristine countryside. Our wide range of Spanish delicatessen products “Epicure” will let you centralize and simplify your search of gourmet products from Spain, as a “one stop” supplier. Simply the best products in the renowned Mediterranean diet.

Our clients, from selected food distributors to high-ended restaurants and hotels, trust in excellence and quality to guarantee success in their business positioning. Our expertise in international trade will let you find the best logistic solution. Quality standards for EXTREXPORT means an answer to each query received in less than 24 hours.

EXTREXPORT has a passionate cosmopolitan scope, with local branches at Madrid, Dubai and Singapore, and significant expansion plans in new markets. Our aim is to satisfy the most sophisticated and demanding palates all around the world, sharing the same goals of quality and professionalism required by our clients.

We share your views about this changing and evolving world: it is also time for adaption in the food industry. New concepts, new products, new flavours lead us towards the new modern food, implementing innovative ideas every day to satisfy your needs.

Some of the references you will find are our extra virgin olive oil with more than ten natural flavours, the unique Iberico ham, the absolutely pleasant oak-smoked paprika, the creamy artisan merino sheep cheese, the innovative range of more than 50 references of pâtès, or delicate honeyed almond marzipans perfumed with orange blossom water. These are only some of the tastes that will passionate your clients, and that EXTREXPORT will bring into your hands.

We pay close attention to every single detail. We know the personal touch you deserve. Because each client is different, because your needs are specific. Our devoted and dynamic team will provide you competent services, offering easy and fast communication in a global world.