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Pâté: Traditional Foie

Pâté: Traditional Foie

The meaning of “unique” cannot be more accurate for our range of pâté. From pioneering “ethical foie gras”, avoiding force feeding the geese (“gavage”), to innovative pâté of Guinea fowl, known as the “Pharaoh’s Bird”. Pâtés range from smooth to coarse and are delicious simply spread on warm toast or crusty bread.

The Iberico pâtés, made with the best meat of the Iberian black hog, evoke the woodlands and natural feed, with silky texture and creamy consistency. Also our poultry varieties are delicious, as partridge, pheasant, guinea fowl or chicken.

Our fish pâtès are made with traditional fishes from Spanish cuisine, as cod, tuna, sardine, salmon or even the tasty scorpion fish. They combine perfectly with soft cheese, mayonnaise or soured cream.

We have also developed a distinctive line of halal pâtes, with references as lamb with dates, smoked salmon, pheasant with truffles or the tasty partridge with raisins.

Finally, our vegetal pâtès, ideal for vegetarians, are a great way to eat healthy, natural and delicious while enjoying sophisticated flavours as leek, funghi porcini, spinach or asparagus. We have also added some ethnic references, as tapenade (black or green olives pâtè) or hummus (chickpea pâtè).

All these epicurean tastes can be perfectly complemented with excellent combinations as figs, raisins and fruit conserves (we do recommend raspberry). The guinea fowl is one of the most demanded poultry, due to its delicacy and low-fat meat.

There is no secret in the elaboration of our pâtés. It is just the work of nature the reason why it looks and tastes so fine.

Uses: indulgent apperitive spread in crackers, ingredient in many recipes used as stuff for pasta, roasted meats and poultries.
Advantages for export: no refrigeration needed, extremely long shelf life (up to 36 months), ultra-resistent packagings