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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

EXTREXPORT only offers Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, pure fruit juice with no additives or preservatives, made with the well renown olives from Extremadura Region, in the sunny South of Spain. It combines the best of the Mediterranean olive oil heritage with the highest standards of quality.

The centennial trees spread in the shire produce olive oil since immemorial times, as related and praised by the classics.

Following the strictest quality criteria, only the best olives are selected for the oil production. Our Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is elaborated with exclusive varieties from the region, resulting in this absolutely unique taste within the scope of Spanish olive oils.

This olive oil transmits surprising almondy reminiscences, combined with fruity sensations and herbal aroma. The coupage allows a perfect matching of flavours with a wide range of foods, empowering the most sophisticated culinary delights.

We are especially proud of the great success in international markets for our range of aromatic olive oils, in more than ten flavours, some of them as innovative as chocolate or coffee.

Aromatic olive oils are obtained through soaking extra virgin olive oil and natural fruits, aromatic herbs and other ingredients. The result is an excellent mixture between the health properties of extra virgin olive oil and the natural ingredients used. Aromatic olive oils are completely natural, with no additives neither artificial ingredients.

The base for this product is our high quality extra virgin olive oil from the finest olive variety: the “manzanilla” olive from Extremadura (Spain). This high quality olive oil is characterized by its green fruity with great intensity, with well-balanced bitter and slightly spicy end, dominating a sweet flavor. This extra virgin olive oil is scent with the selected ingredient (aromatic herb, fruit, spice or even coffee or vanilla), mixing the natural ingredient so the olive oil captures the finest flavours.

This is the result of a natural infusion mixing the ingredient with the olive oil to use it as salad dressing, dips for bread or even for cooking cakes.

Advantages for export: unique product, wide assortment ideal for chain stores and retail outlets.

We are also your expert supplier of Olive Pomace Oil. This type of olive oil is light-tasting, which makes it ideal for use in cooking and deep frying.