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Mono-dose Packaging

Mono-dose Packaging

EXTREXPORT has extended its range of Spanish gourmet products to the mono-dose (single portion) packaging. We provide our rewarded quality fitting the needs of inflight catering or Horeca channel. Products as extra virgin olive oil, honey, jams, pâtès, cheese, natural tomato flesh are available in portions packaged in aluminium. Our products are excellent for this segment, facilitating our clients’ logistics: they do not need refrigeration and have awesome food storage through long term preservation.

Our clients look for something more than standard monodose: excellent quality to satisfy their final users.

Our portions vary from 18gr to 25gr. This packaging allows approximately 14,000 units per pallet.

Advantages for export: no refrigeration needed, growing international demand on catering needs, whole assortment of products in a single source of supply.