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Extremadura is a real paradise for cheese lovers. EXTREXPORT puts at your disposal a work of art in the cheese scene, the Protected Denomination of Origin “Queso de La Serena” (South Extremadura), from Merino sheep milk.

Our cheese is creamy, buttery, spreadable like pure cream, with intriguing and rustic flavors. The handmade production in our cheese takes the time to do things slowly, following an artisan manner as it has been done for centuries.

The mouthwatering creaminess, as well as its almondy finish, are the distinctive characteristics of this cheese with such a strong personality. Its creamy interior ripened to the point that becomes molten and can be scooped out with a piece of crusty country bread. There is no pleasure like serving it by spoon at room temperature with the top rind sliced off, following the traditional way.